How to get to Djakovo:

By plane / train / bus via Zagreb. From Zagreb airport use Pleso Prijevoz bus shatle to main Bus station in Zagreb. Timetable form airport to Bus station is on this link. Timetable for bus from Zagreb to Djakovo can be found on this link. Please type “Đakovo” instand of “Djakovo”.

Another options are traveling via Osijek and Belgrade airports.

Instructions how to get from Đakovo Bus station to hotel will be sent to participants.

The organisers will reimburse of your travel costs from your home city to Djakovo, Croatia.

Reimbursement  of  travel  costs  will  only  be  done  upon  full  attendance  in  the training programme and presentation of the original tickets with boarding passes and receipt/invoices. Reimbursement  will  be  done by bank transfer to account of sending organisation.

! Note: Please DO NOT BUY any tickets before approval of the organizers !!!

! !Note: Please note if you bought your ticket in your local currency which might be different than EUR, we will calculate  your  travel  costs  according  to  the  exchange  rates  from  official  European  Commission  web-site

!!! Note: If you plan to travel outside the official project dates you need approval by CET Platform, first. Please contact us at

!!!! Note: Hosting organisation is not able to cover and provide any accommodation outside of travel days. You should enter Croatia on 12/09/2015 and leave on 19/09/2015. Additional travel days and breaks longer than 12h during travel can be approved only in case that there is no other connection or price of ticket is lower. This situations should be justified and approved by hosting organisation, otherwise costs will not be eligible for reimbursement.

Organisers will reimburse 100% of eligible travel costs up to the limit. Limit for participants from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Macedonia is 180 EUR per participant. Limit for participants from Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Spain, Greece and Romania is 275 EUR per participant.


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