Below you can find materials, tools and presentations used during our Training course “Stay Tuned Online”, organized in Djakovo, Croatia from 12th to 19th of September 2015. We encourage you to share and use these materials in your activities or projects.

If you would like to download below mentioned materials, then just click on the bullet points.

General presentation about Erasmus+ programme and Youth Mobility projects that can be organised within E+. Can be used during the training to prepare participants for project planing and development of project ideas.

List od terms useful for staff of youth organisation and youth leaders in charge of online communication of their organisations/groups/projects.

Presentation for sessions about use of different social networks and online tools by youth oranisations. Best learning outcomes can be achieved trough practical work of participants on covered tools.

This short presentation explains briefly what Facebook is and how it can be used meaningfully by youth organisations for reaching their target groups. The presentations provides concrete examples how Facebook can be used by organisations, tips for usage and introduces Facebook insights as powerful tool for analyzing and identifying organisation’s pages fan base and users.

Presentation that can be used by youth organisations and youth workers to introduce communication process, what are channels of communication and identifying and successfully reaching different target groups. The presentation also can be used for strategic planning of actions and message development.

Tool that can be used on sessions for creating communication strategies and concrete actions plans for youth organisations on different topics and in different settings.

Different scenarios connected with youth work and youth organisations that can be adopted for different group needs and used as example or starting point for creating communication strategies.

Form which was used for preapration of participants for presentation of online identity of their organisations. Can be adapted and used in first step in preparation of communication strategies.

Tasks for participants used during team building on first day of project. It’s also useful tool for exploring the local community and venue of the project. Can be adapted according to topic and venue of project.

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