Getting to know more about Erasmus+ and developing future project ideas

Our last training day started with Erasmus+ presentation. We found out that all the participants of our group have some knowledge and experience with Erasmus+ program, but still we had many questions.

When young people think about the Erasmus+ the first things, which pops up to their mind is traveling, fun and  new friends. It is all of it and much more. Erasmus+ gives opportunity to get useful skills, to get to know new cultures, to exchange contacts between different organizations and leaders, to spread European values.

There are different type of Erasmus+ youth projects. If you need to improve your skills – trainings, if you interested in new cultures – youth exchanges, if you want to make a difference and to get new skills by working in another country – EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteering.

It was interesting to hear our group members experience about all these fields.

In our group, there were people, who already have attended more than 10 Erasmus+ projects and still have more to learn, take and gain from new projects. As they said, Erasmus+ is interesting, because it combines formal and non-formal education, interactive learning and involves different age people form various countries.

More information about Erasmus+ is available on the its official website: while the presentation used during this session can be found in the “Materials and tools” section of this webpage.

After the Erasmus+ presentation, we formed groups according to our ideas and fields of interests and started developing our ideas for future youth projects that could be applied within the programme.

    – Vilija, Lithuania



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