Interview with Wojciech Kawulka about communication strategies and Stay Tuned Online

The first two sessions of today were reserved for creating communication strategies on given scenarios connected with youth work and youth organisations in which we needed to use the knowledge gained from the Training course until this moment. The strategies needed to include: what are our target group(s), what are the values and messages we want to spread, what social media we will use to transfer/share the messages, with whom we will cooperate in the process, assessing the possible risk and create concrete action plans and task division.

On the first session we were were working in 5 mixed group, brainstorming ideas, discussing and preparing our communication strategies. After the session, we used the coffee break to do a short interview about the session and the whole project with Wojciech Kawulka, an experienced participant from Poland.

[Q] One of the topics of the part of the training course Stay Tuned Online in Dakovo in Croatia 2015 was communication strategies. Wojtech, how did you understand the main idea of doing presentations for the mentioned topic of the course?

[A] Because of the fact that we were working in international groups, we can see the differences between the answers in our countries and share ideas, experiences about this topic in our countries.

[Q] You are quite experienced participant of the training course. I have information that you participated in many similar projects. Did get a new information which can help you for preparation your own organization?

[A] LinkedIn is quite professional tool using by many organizations and people. Before I came here I didn’t t know anything about it and here I got good information about how to use LinkedIn in the work with young people and youth workers.

[Q] Did you learn in different projects how to start and built your own organization?

[A] I have participate in project about entrepreneurship and this project we have learnt a lot how to start my own company, organization and business. We had a lot of practical information how to do it and we shared a lot of opinions, thoughts and differences about how to start with organizations in our countries. In every TC you can meet a lot of experienced people who can help you to create your own organization and they really want help you.

[Q] Wojtech thank you for answers on my questions and I wish you luck with starting your own organization in the future.

    – Lenka, Slovakia



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