Presentations of other online platforms, networks and apps

In this session we needed to prepare presentations about other online platforms, networks, apps and tools such as: LinkedIn, YouTube, Google plus, Instagram, Google maps, Swarm and Foursquare.

I worked in the team “Cats” and our task was to make presentation about Google plus in order to introduce it to the other participants. At first we had to establish account on Gmail but if someone has already account on Gmail, he or she can use it. Than you need to connect Gmail account with Google plus because it works mutually. We have explored how Google+ works, how we can create page on it for our organisations and what are all the options it provides.

Other groups have also been working and exploring their given platforms which lead towards very informative presentations about the above mentioned online platforms, social networks and mobile apps. After each presentation we were discussing furthermore about the usage of the platforms and were provided with additional input by our trainer.

I liked this session because I gained new information which can be useful in my future life.

   – Renata, Slovakia


Groups presentations for Google+, LinkedIn and Google maps, Swarm & Foursquare are available for download below while Instagram group prepared a video that can be found HERE:


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