Message development and Facebook presentation

During the last session of the  day we spoke about the topic we are interested and we want to work about. Choices were various and from different fields such as: international integration, promotion of volunteering and Erasmus+, organization of projects and exchanges, etc. After that we had the task to prepare a message to convince people to join each one’s action/campaign and to promote the topics we were working on.

The last part involved a presentation about Facebook as the most commonly used social network by young people and youth organisations. The presentation introduced what Facebook is, how to properly and professionally use it, what it is possible to do with it, differences and correct usage of profiles, pages and groups. We have also heard and discussed how youth organisations can use Facebook to successfully reach their target groups, got tips for usage and learned about Facebook insights, a powerful tool for analyzing who are our fans and getting statistics about how they interact with our organisation’s pages.

   – Lorenzo, Italy


The Facebook presentation can be found and downloaded from > HERE <



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