Introduction to communication, reaching target groups and message development

After the session about analyzing our organisation’s social media presence, filling in the form and doing reflections about our strengths and weaknesses, we had presentation and discussed about communication in general, channels of communication, online communication, reaching and identifying target groups, pyramid of participation and message development.

There are some important points I would like to share with you:

  • We should always think about choosing the proper channels of communication
  • Main ways of online communication: chat, Facebook, Twitter, Skype….
  • We should learn how to make rich and important information and know what target groups to tackle
  • How can we do it? The message has to be clear, concise, time framed, targeted, short, emotional and unique

Good points for starting to develop the communication strategies for our organizations or projects, don’t you think so?

During this session we have also starting thinking about topics that we would like to create messages/campaigns/ads for their presentation and promotion.

   – Mirian, Spain

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