Team building with treasure hunt around Djakovo

We started from here…

We were split in 3 teams:

1.Bananas team


2. Oranges team


3. Apples team


Trasure hunt group work

We discovered the city and build our team spirit and communication even more in a nice way by completing all kind of task around Djakovo. We thought it is a small city, but actually at the beggining we got kind of lost there. Thanks to our communication with the locals we managed to find our way and complete all of the given tasks.

Our activities results were much more than we could expected and in the same time we learned more about the history of Djakovo, places and events that could be visited there and even some Croatian words thanks to our Croatian colleagues and the locals. The town itself revealed to us its precious treasures in such a pleasant, interesting and challenging way!

At the end we presented our results in the plenary and discussed about the team building activity and city of Djakovo.

  – Andra, Romania



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