Introduction to objectives, working agenda and methodology of the project

On this session, the trainers  explained what is non-formal education, presented the working agenda and provided us with information about the methodology of the programme. The objectives of the Training course were also presented during this session.

First of all, Bojan encouraged us to brainstorm and to share our thoughts and experiences with non-formal education and learning. Members of our group agreed that non-formal education is a new method of learning, not mandatory and not academic, using different creative ways including self-assessment, fun, talking with peers and preparing materials. This unique method is especially used for youth activities, but it’s also good idea for everyone who want to improve his way of learning and make his education process not very boring.

Then we have prepared “terms and conditions” of working for the whole next week. We claimed that the most important rules are: not being late for sessions, respecting each other and using English as a main language.

   – Michał, Poland



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