Gettting-to-know each other more

The first getting to know each other activity was the first day when we arrived and we were suppose to sit down next to someone who is not from our country and speak on our native language, and at the end say the things that we understood. So, it was a funny activity, because we could barely understand each other. So this was like a warm up for learning the names and something about the other participants.

Our second activity was the next day in the morning, we were standing in the circle and everyone were suppose to say their name with a sign and also repeat the last seven names and signs. The point from this activity was to try and remember all the names from the participants, so it would be easier to communicate and get to know each other.

Finally, there was a task were you tell the others about yourself. We needed to draw our faces while the paper is on our face and write your name, and when its your turn you should talk about yourself in third person. So with this activity we were introducing ourselves in front of the group so they can know something a little bit more about us.

  – Keti, Macedonia



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